• Once drawn and cut, becomes very easy to weld, and, in automated production due to its convenience, it significantly reduces the price.
  • As a construction material it is lighter than fiberglass, up to 30%, so requires less power, which further reduces the cost of the vessel and the consumption itself.
  • Since it is lighter than fiberglass it can be more burdened, or it carries more loads, which is not negligible when it comes to transporting passengers or diving equipment.
  • Ecologically are more acceptable because aluminum does not release any substances into the sea, consumes less fuel, less polluting, and can be fully recycled and even earned. The procedure of degrading fiberglass is a complex and very difficult and long-lasting job.
  • Sturdy hull that gives an impression of warmth and a completely new experience of navigation. Excellent hydrodynamic properties, especially in fast-shipping vessels on rough sea.
  • Maintenance is almost unnecessary, except for regular changes to zinc protectors.
  • Possible repairs are significantly easier, if damage to the bottom is encountered, than with fiberglass.

About us

ALU NAVIS d.o.o. originated from a family craftsmanship founded 2003, with the initial program of design and construction of metal structures, so that the program will soon be expanded according to market demands, so we have enriched the program by designing, constructing, maintaining and equipping of aluminum boats of all kinds. Today, having significant experience, we can offer complete implementation of your projects, with quality assurance.

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